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March 2012 - Release notes print icon



  • Improved handling of message body in Clone ticket
  • Enabled browser spell check option, which was disabled by the introduction of TinyMCE
  • Better style for Forwarded emails

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where outgoing emails were not appearing with new lines
  • Fixed bug where quote replies was not working in Private Notes
  • Fixed bug where quote reply was not available after it was used once
  • Fixed bug where additional message added for Forward message was displayed in the Customer Panel
  • Fixed bug where Forward functionality failed if there was more than one email address in the To field
  • Honoring ticket level permission - "Access all tickets"
  • Corrected header color in the Customer Panel Knowledge Base page
  • Fixed bug where reports created with null assignee threw an error

New Features


  • Split Tickets
  • Permission introduced for Forward ticket functionality
  • Customer Groups
  • Automatically converting emails sent as High Priority from Microsoft Outlook, as the highest priority set in the instance
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