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February 2012 - Release notes



  • Quick Private note message posted text corrected
  • Better handling of URLs for selective managerial role permissions
  • Removed reset and cancel buttons in update custom fields section
  • More prominent "clear search" text on search action
  • Search on My Queue now loads search results under All filter
  • Due date display fix
  • Fixed issue where when there is no name for a contact, it's not possible to go to the contact detail page
  • Allow time spent to be editable by allowing negative value input
  • Security enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • IE fixes for embed code
  • Fixed bug where export of reports was not showing the correct ticket assigned value
  • Fixed bug where newly added staff was not being picked as a valid choice in the private note alert query set
  • Fixed bug where import contacts link was available to non admins in an instance

New Features

  • Forward ticket
  • HTML notifications
  • Rich text notification templates
  • Ability to restore default notification templates
  • Move ticket from ticket detail page
  • Migration support for Helpdesk Pilot 4.4.5 customers to move to Helpdesk Pilot 5
  • Related tickets now supports full ticket ID search with or without '#'
  • Agent Collision
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