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October 2012 - Release notes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where if there was only one priority in an instance, the tickets page does not load
  • Fixed bug where Knowledge Base links were showing up with relative URL in the outgoing reply
  • Fixed bug where Smart rules was not being saved when Assignee IS Not Unassigned condition is saved
  • Fixed bug where child fields (dropdown) with compulsory on completed was not being honored



  • Better handling of saving the subject after editing. Now saves Subject when user clicks outside the edit subject text box.
  • API improvements - exposing count caches, return status color, returning role IDs in staff listing.
  • Allow client lookup feature to be performed on staff new ticket page, when contact ID is passed in the URL as '?contact_id=value'
  • New permissions for Viewing reports
  • Better handling of CC recipients in add update form and forward ticket page
  • Performance improvements
  • Added pointer for tabular column headings in Reports; indicative for sorting fuctionality
  • Staff settng for number of tickets per page changed from text field to drop down

New Features


  • Twilio phone integration
  • New country field introduced for every instance
  • New phone fields introduced for contacts
  • Merge contacts
  • Adding subscribers to a ticket via the add update/add private note form
  • New SLA performance report export options. For viewing tickets which have breached SLAs on the instance
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