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December 2012- Release notes (Minor) print icon

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with unicode characteres while adding a contact details like email, name or while doing merge contact action
  • Fixed broken import contacts functionality
  • Fixed bug where repeated status/priority names were allowed while editing an existing status or priority
  • Fixed bug in Twilio settings, where inactive staff members were shown in the list
  • Fixed bug where Twilio configuration for SSL enabled instances was not showing 'https' in the Voice URL display box
  • Fixed bug where inactive staff were displayed in the Add subscribers list 
  • Fixed bug where reassign ticket permission was not honored
  • Fixed bug where reply to tickets permission was not honored when rich text enabled editor was used
  • Private note notifications will now contain attachments
  • Changed color for Forward type message update on ticket
  • Security enhancements for attachments stored on S3
  • New section to manage Re-branding settings on Manage >> General page
  • New option to change status of a ticket from the ticket box
  • Now showing phone numbers of contacts in the raised by drop down in the ticket box
  • Hiding custom fields, time spent, tags on ticket detail page when none available
New Features
  • New languages supported now. Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese now supported
  • Custom favicon support for instances which have Re-branding option
  • ALL NEW - Actions drop down option in ticket detail page for actions that can be performed
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