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December 2012- Release notes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where attachment archives were not redirecting to the new attachments url
  • Fixed bug where export of tickets from reports, with more than 255 columns was failing
  • Fixed bug where deleted priorities were visible in reports
  • Fixed bug where the wrong app name was showing in some help text



  • Now showing contact phone number in the raised by drop down
  • New ticket inflow report on Dashboard now shows new tickets and other pending tickets
  • API enhancements
  • New languages support - now supports Czech, Italian and Korean
  • Increased signature length for Staff and Category signatures

New Features


  • Advanced search option
  • Now possible to save search results and set landing page options on a per staff level to a specific saved search
  • New BCC template for Reply template, so that all customer replies can be BCCed to one email ID
  • Configurable settings for fields to be displayed on staff new ticket form
  • Ability to add private notes to tickets from staff replies to email notifications 
  • Added due date condition and due date as action in Smart Rules
  • Added set category in the actions list in Smart Rules
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