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New features
  • Major update to Reports - now possible to create reports in other time parameters like Ticket assignment, Ticket closure, Customer reply on ticket, staff reply on ticket. This is other than the existing parameter of Ticket created time
  • Reports are now saved with the same date range as last viewed
  • Staff name who created ticket on behalf of customer is now mentioned in the activity log
  • Create new related ticket from another ticket
  • New tag - {{cc_recipients}} added to Staff new reply and Staff new ticket notification
  • New tag - {{last_actual_client_reply}} added to Reply template and Staff private note notification templates
  • The tags {{last_client_reply}}, {{last_staff_reply}} and {{last_actual_client_reply}} are now a part of Smart rules send email action
  • Preferences for determining CC recipients to be shown in add update form and for making time spent mandatory
  • Auto add contacts to a Contact Group based on the domain name
  • Contact groups are now available as a part of conditions in Smart Rules, Reports and SLA
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved mail receiver
  • API improvements
  • Now showing SLA performance report for all reports
  • Added staff login link to customer panel forgot password page
  • Now showing "Customer updated" when staff replies to a ticket via email notification and while staff does a quick reply
  • Clone reports now available
  • Canned action export contains message also
  • Font change option in rich text editor
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where search text in Knowledge Base was not getting cleared, when the default language is anything other than English
  • Fixed bug where the count of tickets for contacts was showing incorrect numbers in some cases. (Note: This has not been fixed fully yet, but over 90% of the incorrect values present previously have now been corrected)
  • Fixed bug where response time was showing incorrect value in reports
  • Fixed bug where search functionality was failing when email field was non-mandatory in the staff new ticket form
  • Fixed bug where IE browser was showing a CSRF error while the embed form was used
  • Fixed bug where incorrect tags present in notification templates caused outgoing emails to fail
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