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August 2013 - Release notes (Minor) print icon

  • Fixed bug where category it was possible to set the category prefix to more than 6 characters
  • Sorting category listing to alphabetic order in My Queue, ticket list pages
  • Open tickets from reports view in new tabs
  • Added new columns Due date and Assigned to to reports tabular view 
  • Added a pending view filter to the ticket list page on the customer panel
  • Fixed bug where the last workschedule in an account could be deleted, which also sometimes, did not save SLAs when they were added
  • Fixed bug where if there were multiple phone numbers in the CSV source file, not all numbers were getting imported. Also, in the same import, fixed a bug where customer phone numbers when imported with a country code, was not saving with the actual country code, but with the country code set in the Default Manage of that account
  • API Enhancements (Canned actions API end point, some changes to KB API)
  • Unsubscribe link added to mailers and workflow for the same has been taken care of
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