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September 2013 - Release notes print icon

New Features
  • Zendesk importer
  • OS ticket importer
  • Ticket List view (Coming soon!)
  • Tickets list view for Subscribed tickets only via advanced search
  • Tickets list view for Unresponded tickets only via advanced search
  • Webhooks - Available for ticket create and ticket update
  • Webhook as a Smart rule action
  • JIRA integration
  • Ability to delete attachments in tickets
  • Smart rules with work schedules
  • New actions menu for contacts. Now possible to perform bulk actions for contacts
  • Mobile app - iOS and Android support for the following: Insert Canned reply, Insert Knowledge Base articles, creating new ticket, advanced search for tickets
  • New API end points for creating custom fields, canned actions, contact groups
  • Now possible to bulk assign tickets via Mass reply page
  • Sorting of category list in various drop downs
  • Added Assignee & Due Date to the Tabular View in reports
  • Now exporting Original Message of ticket in the export of a report tabular view
  • Hyperlinking of Ticket ID and subject field in Excel export
  • Ticket filter options in Customer Portal
  • Add new tag option {{ticket_number}} to all notification templates having {{ticket_id}}
  • {{tikcet_number}} is now also available in the Smart rules send email action
  • Open Links from Tabular view in reports in a new tab
  • Options to disable password for Customer panel login
  • Support for search and choose assignee in ticket box for accounts with more than 25 staff agents
  • New tag {{staff_username}} should be available in Smart Rules send email action and Contact Notification Reply Template
  • Hyperlinking of URLs in Custom Field wherever applicable
  • Initial redesign of custom fields for application wide enhancements
  • Performance optimization while showing custom fields in the ticket detail page
  • Mailreceiver improvements
  • HTML source now available for canned action 
  • Prompt for discarding a message when the user has the Add Update/Add Private Note editor opened and switching to a different page 
  • New column-Last updated for tickets list in contact detail page
  • Performing integrity checks of ticket properties used in SR/SLA/reports while deleting/deactivating these properties
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where when a ticket is assigned while moving to a category , the staff assignee notification is not sent
  • Fixed bug where deleting all workschedules was possible
  • Fixed bug where the category prefix was allowed to be more than 6 characters
  • Fixed bug where the smart rule condition for "Message IS" was not working
  • Fixed a bug where the sub filter for status was not selected in any view
  • Fixed bug in import contact which was not honoring case in contact email ID 
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