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November 2013 - Release notes print icon

New Features:
  • ALL NEW! Forum in Support Center
  • ALL NEW! Integration with Zapier - HappyFox is now available in Zapier to allow you to create zaps and integrate with other applications when a ticket is created on HappyFox
  • ALL NEW! Configurable options in Support Center to show links in header
  • Support for adding inline images in replies and private notes in tickets. Images embedded in messages!
  • Magento Integration
  • Some UI enhancements in the newly designed Support center
  • Private Notes and Private Notes/Staff Reply filter condition in reports view (already live)
  • The option to send contact account invitation notification is now disabled, while adding a contact from the add contact form
  • API Enhancements - now possible to read the contact group members with the "Read Contact group by ID" end point
  • Google+ Authentication for customer login in Support Center
  • Knowledge Base related enhancements - showing related articles when a new ticket is created from the support center
  • Saved search list now shows in alphabetical order
  • Now showing only relevant contacts as per tickets filtered in the report view > contacts activity tab
  • Improved listing of active/inactive staff under Manage >> Staff
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to save custom fields with blank values
  • Fixed a bug where exporting reports was throwing some error due to mismatch between old and new custom fields
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to click on the ticket subject in the related tickets section, when the ticket does not contain a subject
  • Fixed a bug where the landing page preferences were not honoured and "All" tickets page was being loaded, instead
  • Fixed a bug where the message snippet was not showing the latest edited message
  • Fixed a bug where the Next ticket link was not working in certain cases
  • Fixed bug where the time stamp was not shown correctly in the ticket box in the ticket list page. This was caused by the recent move to jinja templates
  • Fixed bug where some email IDs with non ASCII characters were not shown correctly in the CC/BCC fields on ticket detail page 
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