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Integrate Jamf Pro with HappyFox
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Jamf Pro is an IT device management application used to manage Apple macOS and iOS devices (like Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones and iPads) in an enterprise. It helps the IT teams to manage activities like Application lifecycle management, Device & Inventory management, Access and Security management for all Apple devices in an organization.


Integrating Jamf Pro with HappyFox Help Desk will allow agents to,

  • View the devices linked to a Contact in Jamf within a ticket.
  • View a Contact's Jamf device information within a ticket.
  • In a single click, quickly navigate to the Jamf device details page from a ticket.
Applicable Plans:  Only on Enterprise Plus and Scale Plus Plans


  • This integration can only be enabled using a Jamf admin - login credential.

  • The account should have necessary access privileges to view the device's information in Jamf.

Steps to integrate Jamf Pro with HappyFox:

  1. Log in to HappyFox

  2. Go to Apps > Mobile Device Management > Jamf Pro

  3. Click Install below the app logo


  1. Under Integrate your Jamf account section, provide the following details and click on Save.

    • Jamf Server URL

    • Username

    • Password


  1. After successful authentication, your Jamf account will be integrated with HappyFox Help Desk.

  2. HappyFox - Jamf Integration is now successfully set up 🎉.


Jamf Pro section in the Ticket details page  

Once the integration is enabled a new section called Jamf Pro will be available in the Ticket details page > Right panel.


When a new ticket is created for a Contact in HappyFox, all the Jamf Apple devices linked to the contact's email will be pulled in and displayed in this section. Popup icons (next to the Jamf Pro section) are hyperlinks which can be utilized to jump to the respective Jamf users page in a single click.


Agents can now quickly view the Jamf devices and its respective details here. Following details will be available for the agent to have a quick look,

  • Device Name 
  • Device Type
  • Serial Number
  • MAC Address
  • Assigned user
  • Email address

 Also hyperlinks are available next to the device name so that the agent can quickly navigate to the respective device details page in Jamf. Refer to the screenshots below for more details


Screenshots for reference

Devices linked to a contact's email in Jamf are displayed in the ticket details page



Jamf Pro - Device information


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