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Configure FreshBooks Classic Integration with HappyFox
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With Freshbooks classic Integration, HappyFox agents will be able to:

  • View Customer details from Freshbooks for corresponding HappyFox Contacts.

  • Directly add time-spent against a Freshbooks task from a HappyFox ticket. The time spent will be billed against the project that the task is part of.

Note: This article covers HappyFox help desk integration with FreshBooks classic. If you're using the latest version of FreshBooks, check out this article.

Available in all Pricing Plans.

Integrating FreshBooks with HappyFox require the following:

  1. Getting Account URL and Access Token from FreshBooks.
  2. Installing the FreshBooks app inside HappyFox with the Account URL and Access Token.

Getting Account URL and Access Token from FreshBooks

  1. Login into your FreshBooks account.
  2. Go to My Account (top corner).
  3. Click on the FreshBooks API sub-tab.
  4. Copy your Authentication Token here.



Installing the FreshBooks App inside HappyFox:


  1. Go to Apps >> Accounting. Click "FreshBooks Classic".
  2. Click on "Install" to initiate the integration installation process.
  3. Once installed, enter the Account URL and Access Token of your FreshBooks Account.
  4. Click on "Save". This also enables the integration.
  5. Upon successful configuration, you'll be able to see a "green check mark" against FreshBooks in the apps page.


Viewing/Managing FreshBooks Client Information Inside HappyFox: 


The integration displays the client information from Freshbooks for matching HappyFox contacts. These details are shown 

1. Inside ticket-detail page.
2. While creating new tickets.

FreshBooks Client Details inside Ticket Details Page:

Note: Clicking "Open in new tab" icon adjacent to FreshBooks title text would redirect you to the corresponding client page inside FreshBooks.


FreshBooks Client Details inside Ticket Creation Form:

In addition to viewing the client details, you can also "Add Time Spent" for the corresponding client for billing purposes.

If you choose to click on "Add Time Spent" under the integration, this time will be billed directly to the chosen project in Freshbooks. 

Note: Time Spent addition inside FreshBooks Integration is not the same as the native     "Time Spent" value in HappyFox tickets. 




To know how FreshBooks Integration works with HappyFox Classic, please refer to the document attached.



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