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Integrate HappyFox with 850+ SaaS tools using Integromat
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Integromat is an integration platform that enables one to connect apps and automate workflows using a visual builder. With Integromat’s HappyFox integration you can automate your customer support workflows, from start to finish across multiple applications.


Applicable HappyFox Plans: ✔️ Mighty  ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️ Unlimited Agents plans


Integromat Integration Configuration Guide:

  • Sign up or Log in to your Integromat account.
  • Navigate to the Scenarios option from the global menu.
  • Click "New Scenario".
  • Search for "HappyFox Help Desk" and click "Continue".
  • In the scenarios canvas, click the HappyFox Logo to configure the connection.
  • Enter your Happyfox API key, Auth token, and Domain Name.
    • Learn how to obtain your HappyFox account's API key and Auth token here.
  • Click "Continue".
  • You're all set with the HappyFox Help Desk connection with Integromat!
    • Tip: Manage your existing HappyFox help desk connections inside the "Connections" option from the global menu.



To know the extent of automation capabilities with Integromat, visit the HappyFox listing on Integromat. This page has a comprehensive list of HappyFox triggers, searches, and actions supported in Integromat.

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