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How to integrate your HappyFox Workflows account with Salesforce account?
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Integrating HappyFox Workflows account with Salesforce account:


Integration of the HappyFox Workflows account with the Salesforce account will establish the connection for HappyFox Workflows to communicate with your Salesforce account. Thus allowing automation of steps within your Salesforce account.


Steps to Integrate:


  • Login to your HappyFox Workflows account. 
  • Under the Apps section, go to the Salesforce section.
  • Copy the callback URL displayed on this page.
  • Now log into your Salesforce account.
  • Then add a ‘New connected app’ - by clicking on the Setup icon on the top right of the page.



  • Now go to Apps->App Manager->New Connected App
  • Name the app.
  • Now paste Callback URL from HappyFox Workflows here.
  • The scope of ‘O-Auth’ needs to be selected as below. 



  • After saving the details, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret would be generated. 
  • Copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and paste the same in the Salesforce integration page inside your HappyFox Workflows account.




  • Wait for 2-10 mins for the connection to be established. 
  • Then click Save and Allow the connection to be established between HappyFox Workflows and Salesforce.  
  • Once the authorization is successful, you will be able to automate Salesforce actions from HappyFox Workflows.



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