Enable integration with Hively - Customer Satisfaction Survey App

This integration is yet to be available for the ne

Who can enable this integration?

Admin can create a Hively account and add team members to Hively. Any support staff with access to HappyFox can set the survey enabled on their email replies.


Hively integration with HappyFox offers a way to gather real-time feedback from customers on staff replies. To enable the integration follow the below steps:

1. Signup for a hively account by visiting http://teamhively.com/. 

2. Go to your registered email inbox and activate the account.

3. Visit the account page and add more team members, and their email ID.

4. Each registered team member will receive Hively setup instructions.

5. Instruct the team members to copy the customer-rating-snippet provided in the Setup instructions email, received from hively team.

6. Staff can visit HappyFox My Settings option and Paste the snippet below the signature and click 'Update Profile'.

Now every email that goes out of your staff through the HappyFox will have a survey-enabled ticket-snippet that customers can click and rate on your support team's replies. 

You staff would receive email notifications, whenever customers rate on the replies, allowing them to gauge their own performance and view customer comments. 

As an admin you can visit your hively account and click on 'Leaderboard' button at top-left to view the ratings received by your team and compare their performance.

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  • 03-Oct-2018