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Configure PagerDuty Integration with HappyFox
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PagerDuty is an advanced incident management tool that offers IT alerting, on-call scheduling, incident management, and escalation policies to resolve critical IT incidents. HappyFox’s bi-directional integration with PagerDuty makes it easy to create incidents in PagerDuty from any support ticket created in HappyFox. Your support team can keep your customers up-to-date as all incident-related information and timelines are instantly updated in HappyFox.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✖️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus 

Also available on all unlimited agents pricing plans!

HappyFox integration with PagerDuty allows your agents to:

  1. Create a new incident in PagerDuty from within a ticket.

  2. Link an existing incident with a ticket.

  3. View Contextual incident-related information such as incident title, incident id, incident service, status, timeline, notes, etc. inside a HappyFox ticket.

  4. Perform actions on PagerDuty incidents such as “Acknowledge”, “Run Response Play”, “Add Notes”, “Re-Assign”, “Add Responders”, “Add Status Updates" without leaving HappyFox.

  5. Auto-close a HappyFox ticket, when linked PagerDuty incident, is resolved.


Quick Guide to Integrating PagerDuty with HappyFox

1. Log in to HappyFox and navigate to the “Apps” module.

2. Either search for “PagerDuty” or navigate to the “Incident Management” category to find the PagerDuty app.


3. Click on the PagerDuty tile and choose “Install”.

4. From the install screen, click on the “Link PagerDuty” button.



5. You will now be redirected to authorize yourself in PagerDuty.


6. Once the authorization is successful, you will be prompted to authorize the HappyFox app to connect to PagerDuty. To do this, click on “Authorize”.



7. You will then be redirected to HappyFox with the PagerDuty app successfully configured.


8. Voila! You're all set with the PagerDuty Integration 🎉. Read on to know how to create/link/edit incidents within the ticketing interface.


Linking and Creating incidents in PagerDuty from HappyFox

Look out for the "Info from PagerDuty" section in your ticket details page right sidebar to access create/link options




Creating incidents in PagerDuty from HappyFox:


⚡️ Looking to Automate the creation of PagerDuty incidents from HappyFox tickets? Head over here.

Contextual Incident Related Information displayed inside the Ticket Details Page:


Perform Actions on PagerDuty incidents within HappyFox:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I don't see the PagerDuty app listing in my HappyFox app marketplace.

A:  PagerDuty integration is available on Enterprise and above pricing plans of HappyFox. Please check with your help desk administrator that your agent role has the "Manage apps settings" permission.


Q: What does the "Close this ticket when PagerDuty incident is closed" toggle do?

A: When this toggle is enabled, whenever the linked PagerDuty incident is marked as resolved, the HappyFox ticket will be automatically moved to the last status (by order) with the "Completed" Status behavior.


Q. I'm seeing this error message “You don’t have access to this resource” during incident creation or linking. What to do?

A: Steps to resolve the above error:

  • Navigate to Apps Page > PagerDuty
  • Verify if the message “Unable to Connect to PagerDuty. Please reauthorize.” is displayed.
  • Complete re-authorization using the standard linking procedure.


Unlink/Remove PagerDuty Integration

To unlink/remove PagerDuty integration, please go to the PagerDuty app manage page and click the "Unlink" button. This action will unlink all the PagerDuty incidents associated with your tickets and delete your current configuration. Please exercise caution while this action is being performed.



Still have questions? Please reach out to or create a new ticket.

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