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Ticket Migration - CSV Import

We here at HappyFox do provide the option to import your tickets, and migrate its data from your old helpdesk account in to HappyFox via a CSV import. In order for the tickets to be imported, all ticket related information is to be included in a .CSV file. We've attached a sample .CSV file of how this information …

Asset Import

HappyFox allows you to create or update assets  using csv files  containing asset fields and their corresponding values. This article covers the general guidelines on importing assets. Available in Enterprise and above pricing plan. First Time Import Checklist: A managerial permission " Manage Import Assets " …

Import contacts from Spreadsheets to HappyFox

Introduction: Instead of adding users manually one at a time, you can add many users to a bulk import. To do this, you should create a CSV/XLS file that contains the contacts' data. What you can do with the contact import: * Add new contacts to the account * Bulk edit existing users * Add contacts to new organi…

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