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Ticket Migration - CSV Import
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We here at HappyFox do provide the option to import your tickets, and migrate its data from your old helpdesk account in to HappyFox via a CSV import.


In order for the tickets to be imported, all ticket related information is to be included in a .CSV file. We've attached a sample .CSV file of how this information should be listed; you'll find it on the right panel of this page.


In case you have contacts to be imported/uploaded to your account, you can use the Import Contacts option on your Contacts page. For more info on this, please click here.



The following columns/fields are required information that are compulsory:

  • Name : Contact/Customer/Requester's full name (first and last name together)

  • Email: Contact/Customer/Requester's email address

  • Subject: Subject of the ticket

  • Text: Contents of the ticket (First message of the ticket)

  • Category: Category in HappyFox where the ticket is to be created in.

The following columns/fields are optional and can be included, or excluded as per your requirement

  • Phone: Contact/Customer/Requester's phone number

  • Created Time: The date and timestamp of when the ticket was created in. If this information is included, the ticket will be created in the specified date and time. The Excel format for this should be "yyyy/mm/ddThh:mm:ss" OR "yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss".

  • Assignee: The name of the staff to whom the ticket should be assigned to in HappyFox

  • Status: The name of the status in which the ticket should be created in, in HappyFox

  • Private Note: Additional contents of the ticket (Eg: Internal notes, subsequent updates)

Important points note

  • The contents entered under "Text" will appear as a single update in the ticket that will be created. Whatever content is included in the cells under the "Text" will appear as the first message in the HappyFox ticket. It isn't possible to import all the correspondences as separate updates in the HappyFox ticket.

  • However, we do have an option where we the first message alone can be entered as the content under "Text". Subsequent correspondences in the ticket can be clubbed together, and imported into HappyFox as one private note in the tickets. To do this, please include the tickets' first message alone under the "Text" column, and the remaining replies included under "Private Note".

  • We also provide the option to import ticket field information related to each ticket. If you have certain fields that contain information for each ticket, that can be imported as well. Just include the ticket field's name as the column title, and the respective values entered under that column for each corresponding ticket in the rows.


  • At the moment attachments are not within in the scope of the import process.


Once you send us the CSV file with information of your tickets  to, we'll first take a look to verify it, and we'll then follow up with you on the next steps from there.

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