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Service Request Notifications

Below are the list of notifications that are available by default for the Service Request Ticket type. * The notification templates can be customised as per organisational or team needs. * Notifications can also be enabled or disabled for each team and assignment group. ## Agent Notifications **1. Agent New Ser…

How to create a service request?

Service Desk agents have the ability to raise service requests on behalf of the requesters. This is particularly useful when requesters require assistance in raising service requests or when it cannot be fulfilled through self- service options. In this guide, you will learn the process of creating service requests thr…

What is Service Request Management?

## What are Service Requests? **Service requests** can be defined as formal** requests made by end-users to acquire** **specific** **services, assistance, or information from a team, vendor or employee**. They differ from incidents as they are not centered around unplanned interruptions or quality reductions in servi…

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