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How to provide billing access to other administrators?
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As the account admin, you might want more administrators to access the billing page. HappyFox lets you do this by adding permission called “Manage Billing” under “Managerial permissions”.


To grant access to other administrators, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Main menu >> Manage >> Roles and permission
  • Choose the role to which you wish to grant this permission. 
    • Note: You can only provide permissions to a role. Associate the desired agents to this role to grant the billing access. 
  • Under managerial permissions >> Others category, enable “Manage Billing” permission and save the changes. 

  • Once this permission is enabled, the agent will be able to 
    • View billing page 
    • Manage subscription details 
    • Manage card details 
    • Manage SMS feature 
    • Download invoices
    • Request for account cancellation. 
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