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Android - About Screen - Push Notification Settings

The "About" Screen in HappyFox mobile lets you:

Navigating to the About page:

  • Log in to your HappyFox account on your android device.
  • Touch the hamburger menu on the top left.
  • Touch the Gear Icon ⚙️ next to your profile name.
  • Voila! You are now inside about page.

Customizing Notification Alert Settings:

Notification alert settings let you customize the type of push notifications you would like to receive on your mobile device.


  • After navigating to the about screen, go to "Notification Alert Settings".
  • Check "Sound Alert" checkbox, if you u want a sound to accompany push notifications. 
  • Choose the type of push notifications you would like to receive.
    • Currently supported push notifications:
      • New ticket.
      • New Reply.
      • Move.
      • Assigned.
  • Click "Save".

Sample Push Notification Alert:

Logging out of the App:

To log out of the HappyFox mobile app, touch the logout link present in the about page.

Download the HappyFox Mobile App ⬇️:

HappyFox Android Mobile app is Free, available across all pricing plans and to all HappyFox customers.

Get it on Google Play

Already have the app? Update to the latest version:

While this depends on your current mobile settings, Play Store will automatically try and download the latest version of HappyFox Mobile when you're in Wi-Fi mode and not on low battery. 

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