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Add Assets - Using Code Scanner (Android)
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Add Assets

Adding assets can be done in two ways. Either using the BarCode/QR Code scanner, if you’ve got a device tagged with one of these codes. Else you could also manually add it in.


Adding using BarCode/QR Code Scanner:

To add an asset using the Bar Code or the QR Code, follow the steps below:


1. Tap on the Scanner icon on the asset list page.



2. Now scan the QR or the Bar Code, in the Asset.



Note: After scanning the code the App will automatically take the user to the Add Assets page, with the scanned code filled in on the Display ID field.  


3. Now fill in the rest of the details.



Tap on the ✔️ at the bottom of the screen and your asset should be created.

Note: Currently the code that the scanner returns is pre-filled to the Display ID column only.

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