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HappyFox Custom Dashboards Explained
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HappyFox's overview dashboard provides you with an overall picture of your helpdesk performance. With Custom Dashboards, agents can customize and selectively-choose widgets from Reports and monitor key metrics.

Agents will be able to generate, view and pin reports based on any 'Date Range', 'Filter Type' and 'Report type' combinations, making the custom dashboard widgets highly customizable.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️Enterprise Plus

Setting up your Custom Dashboard:

To add a custom reporting widget on your custom dashboard, 

🔐 Permission Alert: You need "View Reports" permission to view HappyFox Classic Reports.
  • Log in to your Agent Portal.
  • Go to Reports >> All Reports from the module switcher.

  • Click on the desired report from the list. If you have not created a report, create a report.

  • Click "Add to Dashboard" text adjacent to your desired reporting widget to add them to your custom dashboard.

Viewing your Custom Dashboard:

To view your customized dashboard and its corresponding widgets,

  • Log in to your Agent Portal.
  • Go to Dashboards >> My Widgets from the module switcher.


Sample Dashboard Widget Explained:

Refreshing the Widget Data in your Dashboard:

Click "Refresh icon" (Visible upon hover) towards the top right to dynamically update the widget with real-time data.

Deleting a Widget from your Dashboard:

Click the "Trash icon" (Visible upon hover) towards the top right to delete a widget from your dashboard. 

📝 Note: Deleting a widget in dashboard no effect on the corresponding Report. You can still find it in Reports >> All Reports >> Desired Report.

🌟 Tip: To Know how Custom Dashboards work with HappyFox Classic, please find the document attached.
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