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HappyFox Overview Dashboard Explained
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HappyFox features an uncluttered yet informative dashboard. At any given minute, you can check out the key metrics of your support process from a bird’s eye view. From ticket inflow to status and priority, things that matter are presented in a summarized manner.

Available in all pricing plans.

This article pertains to the default out-of-the-box overview dashboard. Click here to know more about "Custom Dashboards" in HappyFox.


To view your Dashboard, login to your HappyFox and click on the Dashboard tab from the module switcher.

Individual Components Breakdown:

The Tickets Overview section shows the total number of pending tickets, the number of tickets assigned to you and the total number of critical tickets.

The Ticket Inflow Graph shows a graphical representation of the number of incoming tickets on a particular day. Hovering over the data points in the graph shows you the corresponding ticket count.

The Pie Charts show the tickets by status and priorities, and clicking on a slice will take you to its’ page. You can also choose to enlarge to have a better view of the statistics.

You also have the Just In section where you can have a quick look at the recent tickets with a link to the message (Click the ticket subject to navigate). You can click the Refresh button to update this section for the latest tickets.

You can also rearrange the widgets in the dashboard by clicking and dragging them to the desired order.

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