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HappyFox uses few sub-processors to assist in providing functionality in its products and platform. A sub-processor is a third party data processor engaged by HappyFox who agrees to receive data from HappyFox & process it for a specific purpose while adhering to similar Data Security and Data Privacy obligations HappyFox has, as a data processor.

Here is the current list of sub-processors used in HappyFox platform. 


Sub-Processor Services used Purpose Location Applicable Products
Amazon web services (AWS) Hosting & Infrastructure HappyFox hosts its applications, services and customer data on Amazon web services. USA, Germany All
Cloudflare Content Delivery Network HappyFox uses the global CDN (Content Delivery Network) from Cloudflare to enhance application performance and mitigate DDoS attacks, service abuse & other risks. All traffic in & out of HappyFox products will flow through Cloudflare network. USA All
Twilio * SMS APIs Incoming SMS messages are processed by Twilio and eventually sent to HappyFox. Outgoing SMS messages will be sent to Twilio and be eventually sent to end users' phone number. USA Helpdesk, Chat
Google Cloud Platform * Language translation API When translation is on, all chat messages are sent to Google translation platform for translating them to a set target language. Global


Microsoft Azure * Cognitive Services Will be used for powering AI features across all of our products Global


HappyFox Technologies LLP Software Development and Application Support HappyFox Technologies help develop the HappyFox products and provide support to resolve issues India All


Learn more - HappyFox Privacy Policy


* - Applicable only when the corresponding features are opted-in. 

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