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Delete assets in bulk
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HappyFox lets you delete multiple Assets in "Bulk". To perform this action, you would require "Manage Assets" permission.


Warning: This option will permanently delete multiple assets from HappyFox. Please exercise caution.


If you want to delete multiple assets from your helpdesk in bulk, log in to your HappyFox Agent Portal and perform the following steps:


  • Navigate to the "Assets >> All Assets" from the module switcher.
  • Select the different assets you'd want to delete.
    • You can perform this action manually by selecting assets individually.
    • (or) you can also select all of the assets.



  • Click the Delete icon on the top right to initiate the deletion.
  • Asset deletion will take a while depending on the volume of assets, and the progress of deletion can be tracked from the UI. You can also cancel an ongoing deletion, but assets which were already deleted will not be restored.



Tip: You can use the search functionality to narrow down specific assets and delete them.


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