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How to integrate your HappyFox Workflows account with Jira?
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Integrating Jira account with HappyFox Workflows account allows you to automate steps within the Jira account using Workflows. The integration can be achieved using a few simple steps.


Steps to Integrate:


  • Login to your HappyFox Workflows account. 
  • Under the Apps section, go to the Jira section.
  • Copy the callback URL displayed on this page.




  • Now, log in to your Jira account
  • Then switch to the Jira developer console by opening this link.
  • Click on Resources-> Developer console



  • Then, click Create->OAuth 2.0 Integration



  • Name your app




  • Enable the permissions under the permission tab for -Jira platform REST API, User identity API




  • Now click on the Configure button next to Jira platform REST API, User identity API and add all their respective scope items.







  • Then, click on the Settings tab to copy the credentials of the new app




  • Now enter the Client ID and Secret code copied from the new app in Happyfox Workflows- Jira app section
  • Click Save
  • The connection between your Jira and Workflows account will now be established and you will be able to see a message for successful integration.


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