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How to build a table in HappyFox BI?
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A table displays a subset of your dataset in a matrix format. It shows information in rows and columns and it does not aggregate data.



How to build a table using HappyFox BI:


Basic Settings


  • Click on the Add Visualization button.
  • Name your visualization.
  • Choose Table from the Visualization type dropdown.
  • Select the preferred dataset and date range for which you want to build your visualization.
  • Now choose field(s) for Columns
  • Click Save.


Advanced  Settings


  • Filter: You can choose to add the required filter conditions.
  • Table formatting: You can add Data bars for the numeric fields of the table, to indicate the values in a bar format. The field of choice, min and max range, colour for the data bars can be configured by clicking on the ‘+’ icon below Data bars. You can also choose to display just the bar without the values, by enabling the Show bar only toggle.






  • Visualization Settings: You can limit the number of rows you would like to display on the visualization by editing this field.
  • A maximum of 200 rows can be displayed in a Table.
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