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What are Business hours in HappyFox BI?
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What are Business hours and how does that affect your reporting?


Business hours refer to the actual work hours of your support agents. By default metrics like response time, resolution time etc..consider the calendar hours. If you would want these to be reported only within Business Hours, then you can include the same in your HappyFox BI account.


For example, if your support team works from 9 AM to 5 PM, then this will be your Business Hours. Let’s assume, a ticket comes in on Friday, 4.45 pm and the response for that ticket is added by the agent at 9.15 am on Monday. 


Case 1: For calendar hours, the response time would be 3870 mins.

Case2: Under Business Hours, the response time would be 30 mins.


How to use the Business hours feature within HappyFox BI?


  • Click on the HappyFox BI module switcher on the top left corner of the landing page.
  • Click on Business Hours




  • Now configure the business hours settings according to your requirement, by updating the timezone, weekday timings and holiday list.




  • Multiple Business hours calendars can be configured for an account.
  • After this configuration is saved, you will be able to see the business hours as an option under field addition, while creating and editing a visualization.
  • For example, If you want to analyse the average response time of your agents during business hours in a bar chart, add assignees to X-axis and average Response time on Y-axis. However, in order to calculate the response time only during business hours, choose the business hours calendar configured earlier from the Business hours dropdown, while adding the field of calculation.




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