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Using Drill-down and Benchmarks within HappyFox BI
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Drilldown helps users traverse across different levels of data granularity by clicking on a specific attribute on the visualization. This helps users to visualize multidimensional data by navigating from one level down to a more detailed another level.


Steps to include drill-down to your visualization:


You can include drill-down fields to your report by clicking on ‘Choose fields for drill-down’ on the edit page of the visualization.



Multiple fields can be added to enable multi-level drill-down, by clicking on the (+) icon below the drill-down fields.


Drilldown feature is available across doughnut charts and bar charts in HappyFox BI.




Benchmark feature allows you to set a target line/range within a bar chart to explicitly demarcate values. A benchmark could be a target custom range, or an average line or a percentile wise categorisation based on the user’s needs.


Steps to include Benchmark to your bar chart:


Click on the (+) icon below the Benchmark category on the edit visualization page.

Give a name to your benchmark

Pick the field on which you want your benchmark to be constructed.

Select if you want your benchmark to be a line or a range- if selected a,

     Range: Mention the From and To values. 

     Line: Choose the calculation type from - Average, Percentile, and Custom

Select a colour for the benchmark.



A Benchmark is now added to your bar chart.




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