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How can I download all attachments in a ticket update?
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With HappyFox's "download all attachments" option, all the attachments in a specific ticket update (be it private notes or replies) can be downloaded with a single click.


Steps to download all attachments in a ticket update:

  • Navigate to the desired ticket details page as an agent.
  • There will be a "Download All Attachments" option inside the ticket update area (Represented as a download icon).
  • Click that button to have a ZIP of all attachments of that particular ticket update downloaded to your computer.



Alternatively, you can also go to the "Attachments" tab just under "Updates" to have a single list of all ticket updates with attachments. The option to download all attachments is also present here per update.



Note: HappyFox Help Desk does not yet have the functionality to download all attachments of a ticket (across all ticket updates), natively.

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