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How to customise the create release form?

## Required Permission **Manage All Forms** * This is a team level role. * Navigate to **Roles and Permissions > Role type: Team > Managerial tab > Forms** section to enable this permission. ## How to customise the create release form? Follow the steps below to customise the create problem form. 1. Navigat…

How to create a Release?

## Required Permission(s) Agents with any one of the Team level permissions listed below will be able to create a release in service desk, **1. Create Releases in Associated Teams** * Agents with this permission can create a release in any of the Team(s) and Assignment Groups to which they are part of. * This i…

Overview of Release Details Page

## Required Permission(s) Depending on the action that needs to be performed there are multiple team level permission(s) related to release ticket type which needs to be enabled in order to view, create, modify and perform actions over a release. [Refer to this article][1] on the list of permissions and its functiona…

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