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About agent panel
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  • The agent panel is where your agents can log in to your helpdesk using their agent account. [your domain name] takes you to the staff login page.
  • Once an agent logs in to their HappyFox account, they will be taken to the dashboard, by default.
  • The agent can create a new ticket by clicking New Ticket in the header section of the page.
  • Clicking My Settings will take them to his account settings page where they can Edit the Basic profile settings,
 localization settings (timezones), change email/password associated with the account, configure ticket queues and notification preferences.
  • The Tickets tab will list the available tickets in the helpdesk system and can be configured according to the statuses and preferences of the user(s).
  • The Manage tab gives your staff member access to several configuration options such as General Settings, Categories, Agents, Notifications, Custom fields, Tags, Canned Actions, Service Level Agreements, Reports and Integrations, Forum and Multi-brand, depending on the permissions given to the staff role.
  • The agents can view, add and edit the contacts in your help desk system by clicking on the Contacts tab.
  • The Reports tab will take them to the list of reports where the agents can view, edit and add new reports.
  • The agent can also access your HappyFox Knowledge Base which is especially useful when replying to a ticket.
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