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  1. Tickets - Any request that comes into HappyFox is converted into a ticket and stored for further action.

  2. Contact - The party that is the creator of the request or ticket

  3. Agent - The party that responds to tickets created by contacts

  4. Status - The nature of a ticket in its lifetime

  5. Priority - The importance level associated with any ticket

  6. Due Date - A date that can be set on a ticket by when the ticket should be "acted on". Acted on could take various meanings, according to the use case in your company. For instance, replying to a ticket or assigning it to another Agent, or moving the ticket to a completed state etc.

  7. Tags - Easy references for tickets. Very useful for searching for tickets.

  8. Category - Classification of incoming tickets into further groups, based on their nature. Categories also help in associating Agent to selected groups, so that they only see tickets they need to. Also used in other associations like Smart Rules, Canned Actions and Ticket fields

  9. Email Integration - Associating a mailbox with a category to have all incoming emails converted into tickets.

  10. Ticket ID - A unique identification for all tickets with a prefix of your choice

  11. Reply - An update added to the ticket to be sent to the end user from the software, by your help desk Agents.

  12. Private Note - An update added to the ticket, visible only to the other help desk Agent who can access the ticket

  13. Assignee - The help desk Agent to whom the ticket has been assigned

  14. Move - Changing the category of a ticket (s) from one category to another

  15. Split - Splitting a contact response of a ticket to a new ticket to separate the nature of issues or the team handling it

  16. Clone - Copying over the ticket data as is, to the new ticket form to create a new ticket with the same data

  17. Updated time - The latest update on a ticket by the end user

  18. Notifications - Email alerts sent to Agent and contacts on various actions on the system. 

  19. Notification templates - Preset text to be used in notifications

  20. Custom fields - Additional information that can be collected about the ticket. Additional information about the end users (contact fields) or the nature of the request (ticket fields)

  21. Smart Rules - Automated user-defined actions on tickets, based on certain user-defined conditions

  22. Reports - Numerical, Analytical data on tickets, drafted by user-defined conditions

  23. Subdomain - The URL of an instance of HappyFox, along with the subdomain chosen by the user. Example: or

  24. Instance - Your HappyFox account

  25. Administrator - The account administrator, who signs up for a HappyFox account

  26. Roles - Collection of access rights to various managerial or ticket based permissions, referred to by a single name. Like Admin, Agent (default)

  27. Knowledge Base - The FAQ or question/answer storehouse of your help desk

  28. Agent / Administrator Panel - The page through which your Agent or account admin sign in to the software

  29. End-user Panel - The page through which your end users or contacts sign in to the software

  30. Activity Log - All updates on a ticket, maintained chronologically and displayed right below the update

  31. Tickets View - The landing page when Agent/contacts sign in

  32. Ticket Detail - The individual ticket page, accessed by clicking on the Subject of a ticket, containing all information and updates on the ticket

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