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Setting up custom domains
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The HappyFox account name created during your account registration ( can be remapped to suit your custom domain requirements ( or ( All custom domains need to mandatorily have SSL certificates, which can be done either through custom configuration or using out of the box capability. 


This article illustrates the procedure to set up custom domains in your HappyFox Service Desk account.


Available Plans:  ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus


Pre Requisite


An agent who intends to perform this action requires an account level permission Manage custom domain



Steps to setup custom domain
Navigate to Main menu > Manage > Custom Domains



The primary service portal along with other service portals (if any) would be listed. To get started, click Setup Custom Domain for the corresponding HappyFox Domain. 


You would be able to access the Configure Custom Domain form


Configure Custom Domain Section

  1. You would see the HappyFox Domain of the chosen service portal. Eg. 
  2. For the above happyfox domain, enter the corresponding custom domain (e.g, in the Custom Domain Name field. 


CName Verification



  1. The next step is to verify the CName. 
  2. Click Copy to copy the CName record given and add the Cname record in your DNS Settings. 
  3. Once it is done, Click Verify Now


DNS configuration example

If your custom domain is and your happyfox account domain is, then you have to set the following CNAME at DNS zone.


  • CNAME name: support
  • CNAME target: 


If your custom domain should be used to load a specific department's support page at, then you have to set the following CNAME at DNS zone.


CNAME name: department-support
CNAME target:


Note: Adding CNAME for HappyFox domain(s) is the only supported method to configure custom domain.
Note: If you are using Cloudflare as the network infrastructure provider, please set the CNAME record as DNS only and not DNS proxied by Cloudflare. This is because HappyFox is already on Cloudlfare.


Configure SSL for your Custom Domain

Choose the required mode in which you would like to setup the SSL Certificate 



  • Custom - Choose this setting if you would like to set up your own custom SSL certificate parameters. 
  • Cloudflare - Choose this setting if you would like HappyFox to provide it through Cloudflare. 

SSL Certificate - Managed by Cloudflare


  • When this option is chosen, the SSL certificate is automatically managed by Cloudflare. SSL Certificate renewals are also done automatically by HappyFox.
  • This feature is available on all plans and is offered by HappyFox.
  • If your authoritative DNS has CAA records, please ensure to add a new CAA record as shown below, in order to use Cloudflare SSL certificate.


  • Name: — Enter the relevant subdomain (or @ for the primary domain name itself).
  • TTL: — Must be a positive integer in seconds (We recommend setting this parameter to be as minimal possible, for instance, 100 or 1200)
  • Flag: 0
  • Tag: Issue
  • Value:


SSL Certificate - Custom



  1. Private Key
  2. Primary Certificate
  3. Intermediary Certificate 


  • Paste the respective certificates in .pem format into private key, primary and intermediate certificate boxes. The private keys must NOT be encrypted. If the SSL provider issued an encrypted SSL key, then please decrypt it and paste it.

  • Note: You can contact any SSL vendors like GoDaddy, Verisign, Rapid SSL, or any other popular vendors out there to purchase a certificate. If prompted, set server type as Apache while purchasing an SSL cert.

  • Verify the certificates. 

  • On successful verification, the SSL gets enabled.


Once the info is added, click Validate


The Save button gets enabled ONLY after the following are done

  • Successful CName verification 
  • SSL Certificate Validation (for custom SSL certificate)


Click Save to complete the custom domain configuration


Troubleshooting and FAQs


1. I am getting errors while doing Cname verification. What do I do?

If you haven't setup CNAME record on your DNS provider's control panel to point to the happyfox domian (<accountname>


2. Validation fails for custom SSL Validation. How can I fix this?

Here are some possible reasons for SSL failure. 

  • Certificates not in .pem format
  • Private key is not valid
  • Primary Certificate doesn’t match with private key
  • Intermediary Certificate doesn’t match with primary certificate
  • Primary Certificate doesn’t match with custom domain
  • Primary Certificate has expired


3. Is SSL certificate mandatory for custom domains?

Yes, SSL certificates are mandatory for all websites. The browsers – led by Google and Mozilla – have mandated all sites be served with encryption via HTTPS. To accomplish this transition the browsers have created new security warnings. A Secure/Not Secure binary that labels sites based on their SSL implementation.


4. Which plans is it applicable to?

All Plans of HappyFox Service Desk



Custom domains are a great way to customize your service portals. This gives your requesters an opportunity to reach out for support in a safe, secure and customized environment.  

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