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Overview of Agent Details Page
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Agent Details Page provides an overview of the agent's profile and allows administrators to perform various actions related to an agent's profile and account. This article will guide you through the different sections and actions available on the Agent Details Page in Service Desk.


Agent Profile - Overview Card

The Overview Card displays essential information about the agent. It includes the Agent's name, Email address, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) percentage, and a consolidated count of pending and closed tickets assigned to the agent. By clicking on the ticket count, you can access the respective list of tickets assigned to the agent, categorised by specific criteria or status.


Tickets tab

You can find a list of the most recently updated incidents and service requests by the agent. The next set of tickets can be viewed by clicking on the pagination available. This section allows administrators to quickly review and access the agent's recent ticket activities.


Updates tab

Complete audit log of the agent's actions on a ticket. It captures and records replies and private notes added by the agent in chronological order. This log ensures transparency and accountability in ticket handling. Admins can easily review and access the agent's recent activities in this tab.

Teams tab

List of teams and assignment groups to which the agent is part of. You can also see the respective team level role of the agent in the team.


Actions on the Agent Details Page

Edit Agent Profile
Easily update the agent’s profile information by clicking on the Edit button.
The following details of an agent can be updated here,

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Account Role

Once you update these details click on Save to update the changes.


Reset Password

There are two ways to reset a agent’s password,
1. Send a Password Reset Link to the agent email address

  • Click on Send Email button, this will trigger an email to the agent email address with a password reset link. This will allow you to set up a new password.

2. Reset Password Manually

  • Administrators can manually reset the password for the agent if required. 
  • Admin should be able to set up a password based on the Password Policy configured in Service Desk
  • They can also force the agent to set a new password in their next login by selecting the Require a change of password during the next login check-box.

Deactivating an Agent

  • Admins can restrict an agent from accessing the Service Desk by Deactivating their account.
  • Clicking on the Deactivate button to initiate this action.

Assigning agent’s ticket before deactivation

  • Please note that deactivating an Agent will unassign all the agent’s tickets, so the admin can choose to,
  • Unassign or Assign all the agent’s pending tickets to a new agent.
  • Unassign or Assign all the agent’s tickets to a new agent.


  • This is a one time action and cannot be undone.
  • Unassigned tickets will not be reassigned back automatically on reactivating an agent. 
  • Admin can then click on the Deactivate button to complete the action. 

Impacts and Dependencies check before deactivating an agent

When deactivating an agent in Service Desk, an automatic impacts and dependencies check will be done and any dependencies encountered will be displayed, in a popover before you can deactivate an agent.

An agent cannot be deactivated in the following cases,

  1. When an agent is associated with Auto Assignment
  2. When an agent is associated with Smart Rule
  3. When an agent is associated with Canned Actions
  4. More details are available in this article

Re-activating an Agent

  • Deactivated Agent accounts will be displayed in the Manage > Agents module > Deactivate Agents Tab 
  • Agent accounts can be reactivated by clicking on the Re-Activate button in this section.
  • Deactivated agents will not have access to the Service Desk until re-activated.
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