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Getting started with your HappyFox BI account
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Once you are on board to try HappyFox BI, you will receive a registration link to your e-mail id from our engineering team. You can then register yourself by entering the username and password in this link. To log in to your account go to and enter your credentials. In case you have forgotten your credentials, please click on ‘Forgot password’ to reset the password. The registration link is valid only for the e-mail id it was generated for and cannot be used to log in to your account after registration.


After logging in to your account you can invite your colleagues and clients to view the reports by clicking on the ‘Invite user’ button on the top right corner and entering their e-mail id appended with your HappyFox account name.


For instance, to invite your colleague John ( to Camex HappyFox BI account, the invite would be as follows - ''



On inviting a new user a registration link with basic permissions (To view the report) is sent to their e-mail id. In order to grant more permissions, you can write to our engineering team with the e-mail and the permissions they require.




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