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How to import your own Data Set into HappyFox BI
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Often you would already have data locally stored in tabular file formats like CSV in your local drive or FTP.  HappyFox BI offers easy import of such data for jump-starting your reporting and analytics! This article explains how you can import your data into HappyFox BI.


Using the Import Wizard to import Custom Dataset:

  1. Click the database icon on the top band of your HappyFox BI interface.
  2. If you'd like to create a new "Data Source", then click the "+" button adjacent to "Data source".
  3. Once you've identified which "Data source" you'd like to add your data set,  Click the "+" button adjacent to the corresponding data source.
  4. In the subsequent pop-up, give a name to your data set and click "Create".
  5. Now navigate to your newly created data set from the left navigation bar.
  6. Click "Import" on the top right corner. Click "Choose file". Select your .csv spreadsheet.
  7. Once successfully Imported, you'll see the sample data for your reference.
  8. In the field setup section, you can select/review the appropriate data types for your fields.
  9. Once you've reviewed the above steps, click "Start Import".
  10. You'll get a success/failure message based upon the status of the import.








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