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How to redact sensitive customer information from old tickets?
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With Automatic Ticket redaction, you can configure HappyFox to automatically redact contact information from tickets that are in completed status for more than a specific number of days. The redaction process includes redacting the contact information displayed in the right pane of the ticket details. This includes contact name, email ID and phone number. 


Available in all pricing plans. Please reach out to to gain access to this feature.



Go to Manage >> Data Privacy.



Permission Alert:: Only agents with "Manage Data privacy" can view this submodule.

  • Click on the "+" icon under Data Redaction (Tab) >> Automatic Ticket redaction. 
  • Creation Form explained :
    • Name: This will be the redaction rule name. 
    • Description: Add more description for your agents to understand when this rule will run. 
    • Ticket older than: If you would want to redact the contact information from all closed tickets that are older than 6 months, then you should choose the "6 Months" period here. 
    • Select Statuses: Only tickets that are in this chosen statuses will be considered for redaction. You can only choose "Completed" behavior statuses. 
    • Associate categories: Only tickets in the selected category will be considered for ticket redaction.
    • How the redaction rule is built: Automatic ticket redaction will apply for <Select status> tickets that are older than <tickets older than value> and is in <associated category> category. In other words, Closed tickets that are older than 6 months and are in the Marketing category will have the contact information redacted automatically. 
    • The review page lets you review the redaction rule created, the number of tickets that are eligible for ticket redaction at that instant and redaction notice which explains the consequences of creating this deletion rule. 



Impact of automatic ticket deletion:  The Redaction of tickets cannot be reverted. Please exercise extreme caution while performing redaction.


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