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How to create a new page?

**A page is a collection of visualizations. The page helps you to group similar visualizations under one screen. Each visualization of a page can be separately created, cloned and moved across pages. ** **How to create a new page?** 1. **Log in to your HappyFox BI account and click the menu bar icon on the top lef…

Configure SugarCRM Integration with HappyFox

SugarCRM integration with HappyFox allows your agents to retrieve contextual SugarCRM contact information within HappyFox. This information can be viewed on the ticket-details page and in new ticket form. The integration also provides an option to push ticket-information to SugarCRM cases automatically. App…

Configure Facebook Integration with HappyFox

Facebook Pages have increasingly become a popular choice for customers to communicate with your brand. By integrating HappyFox to your organization's Facebook page, you can receive and respond to customer's Facebook messages and posts inside HappyFox. > Available on All Pricing Plans. Plan based limit on the number …

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