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How to build a bar chart using HappyFox BI?

**Bar Chart:** **A bar chart is best used to summarize numerical values across a category. The variable that is analysed is on X-axis and a numeric value is aggregated on the other Y-axis. The length of each bar is proportionate to the aggregated value.** ![][1] **Steps to build a Bar chart using HappyFox BI:** **…

How to update labels in a visualization?

**All the appearance-related changes like updating the labels, axis names, positioning can be done using the visualization settings.** ** ** ** **![][1] _**Steps to be followed:**_ 1. **Click the ‘edit’ icon on the top right of the visualization.** ** **![][2] 1. **‘Edit visualization’ page opens**, n**aviga…

Glossary of Key Terms used in Happyfox BI

**These are a few common terminologies you will come across while using HappyFox BI.** **Visualization:** **A single table, tile or a graph that represents information. You can create and edit visualizations based on your business needs. It can also be referred to as a “Visual”. Learn more about _[creating a new vis…

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