Clone a Ticket

The Clone option for a ticket is used for several instances, for example

  • where a Private Ticket needs to be converted as a Regular Ticket
  • similar tickets needs to be created for a different contacts
  • To just replicate the ticket details for your own different purpose.

Note: Only the initial message will only be used as ticket content from the original ticket to the cloned ticket.

It simplifies the process by replicating the original ticket and automatically fills all the ticket details.

To Clone a ticket

1. Open the ticket page you want to clone.

2. Click on the More Actions on the top right of the ticket detail page and then click on Clone.

3. This will automatically redirect you to the "New Ticket" page where you may simply just go ahead and create the duplicate Ticket.

All the information of the original ticket will be reproduced including the Status, Custom Field information and the initial message. You get the option to Change the Contact and also make any changes you might need before creating the Duplicate Ticket.