Enable Okta SSO for your HappyFox account

Using Okta SSO you can allow agents and customers to Login to HappyFox Agent panel(for agent) and Support center(for customers) through your Okta credentials.

To enable this integration you need to first create a new app in Okta, then proceed to configure the HappyFox OKTA app.

Creating an app in OKTA:

You will first have to create an app on your OKTA account for HappyFox, like this:

Login to Okta account and click Admin

Click Add Applications on the right side of the Admin page. 

Click Create New App and choose SAML 2.0 in the pop over and click 'Create'.


Create a SAML 2.0 authentication app in Okta by adding following values:

Give a name for your App and click Next.

Fill in the below details in the form:
Single sign on URL:  https://<youraccountname>.happyfox.com/staff/saml/callback
Audience URI:  https://<youraccountname>.happyfox.com/
Default RelayState <blank>
NameID format: EmailAddress

In the next section of the form provide the below Attributes as shown in the screenshot below:
User.FirstName   Basic     ${user.firstName}
User.LastName   Basic     ${user.lastName}

On submission of the form, you'll be asked to 'View Setup Instructions'

The SSO URL(1) and the certificate(3) are required to set up the integration in HappyFox's side.

Assign people to the new app you have created in Okta by going into People tab in Okta

In the People Tab in Okta, please make sure the Username contains the complete Email Address and not just the actual username.

In order to check/update the above, In Okta Admin page, Please navigate to Applications>>HappyFox>>Assignments. Find your name and click on that Edit icon (pencil) and then enter your agent email address under the “User Name” field

Setting up Integration in HappyFox:

  • In HappyFox interface, go to Apps >> Single Sign-on >> Okta.
  • Click "Install".
  • Under SAML configuration choose Okta and fill in the Target URL and Signature details and click 'Save Settings'.

Next time your agents try to log in they will be able to see the 'Okta' image to log in. Clicking on that will allow agents and customers to log in to Agent panel or support center through the Okta credentials.

Using Custom Attributes:

In case you need further help with mapping custom attributes, and setting up the flow of data from OKTA to HappyFox, you may refer to the below links:

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  • 03-Oct-2018