Enable Integration with LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn integration allows you to provide remote support to your customers.

You will need an active LogMeIn account to enable integration with HappyFox. HappyFox integrates with LogMeIn Rescue 7.4.2170 for integration.

Follow the below steps to enable HappyFox integration with LogMeIn:

1. Go to secure.logmein.com and login with your credentials.

2. Go to Administration Center.

3. Click the Technician name on the left side menu.

4. Click the Organization tab and enter the technician's LogMeIn account ID in the Email ID field and Single Sign on ID field. This will be the ID the technician must use to sign in while creating a session through HappyFox.

Technician details

5. Next, click on Global settings.

6. Click on Technician Group.

7. Create an SSO password and confirm the same.

8. Copy the company ID from the box below the password section.

9. In your HappyFox account, go to Manage >> Integrations and click on configure against the Remote Desktop.

10. Paste the Company ID and SSO password.

11. Click on Validate Settings.

12. Copy the Post Session URL.

13. Go to your LogMeIn account >> Administration Center >> Settings Tab

14. Click on Technician Group.

15. Paste the link in the Post Session URL section.

16. Click on save.

The LogMeIn integration with HappyFox is now complete. 

Do the following to start using LogMeIn remote support option from HappyFox:

1. Open a ticket of a client for whom you need to send a LogMeIn remote meeting link.

2. In the LogMeIn Rescue section, click on create session.

3. Enter your LogMeIn login credentials.

4. Once validated, you will get a link create session.Click on this link.

5. A pincode for the session is generated and is displayed in the section.

6. If you wish to send an update to the client with the meeting link click on "click to add link in the reply."


7. An update is composed to the client with the meeting link in the body.

8. Click on Add Update to send the meeting link to the client.

9. You can access the Technician console by clicking on the link in the LogMeIn Rescue section.

10. Once the session is ended by the technician, the remote session details including the chat transcript will be added as an update on the ticket.

With one subscription of LogMeIn, you can have multiple technicians to provide support. HappyFox allows you to have multiple technicians setting up a remote session on multiple tickets. Each technician will have to enter their username/password to set up the remote session. 

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  • 15-May-2017