Enable Integration with Facebook

HappyFox's integration with "Facebook" converts all Posts or Private Messages sent to your Facebook page(s) into tickets in your Happyfox account. This allows you to interact with your customers on Facebook, from within your Happyfox account.

You can link from 1, up to a maximum of 7 pages depending on the plan you are currently subscribed to: 

  • Mighty       - 3 Pages
  • Fantastic    - 5 Pages
  • Enterprise  - 7 Pages 

To integrate Facebook with HappyFox:

1. Go to "Manage" >> "Integrations" >> "Configure" (Next to 'Facebook integration', under 'External')

2. Click on the 'Link to Facebook' button to be redirected to Facebook for authentication.

3. Once you've authenticated, you'll be redirected back to Happyfox, where you can choose the page(s) you want to integrate, along with the category associated with each page.

4. If you have already integrated Private messages with HappyFox, you can go here and click 'edit', to convert Posts from the same as tickets.

5. All Facebook posts and messages will be created as tickets in the respective HappyFox category, associated with the Facebook page. You can link more than one Facebook page to a category.

6. You can change the active status of individual pages by toggling the checkboxes right next to them.

7. When a page is set to "Active", new Posts/Messages from your Facebook page will be converted into new tickets on your HappyFox instance. The replies sent to the Posts/Messages will be added as subsequent ticket updates within the thread.

8. You can also choose to reply to them from HappyFox, which will reflect as new updates in the posts and messages as well.

POSTS --> Tickets:

Once the integration is set up, whenever a Facebook user posts in the Facebook page, a ticket gets created for the same, with the 'Page Name - content of the Facebook post' as

the subject. 'Raised by' Name carries the name of the contact, who posted on the Facebook page.

Note: The Facebook logo next to the ticket subject links to the Facebook page, where the post was added.

Subsequent comments and replies are threaded within HappyFox, preserving the same hierarchy as they are in the Facebook page. 

Facebook Page:

Notice that the comments posted by the HappyFox staff via HappyFox or via Facebook, goes in the name of the group only.

Happyfox Ticket:


1. The name of the sender is admin in the first staff comment. This is because the comment was made by the staff(with the username 'admin') via HappyFox.

2. The name of the sender is 'Facebook Page' in the staff comment. This is because the comment was made by the admin via Facebook.

  • Clicking on 'Add Update' button adds a comment in the post. While, clicking on the Reply arrow icon on the message box adds a second level reply to that Comment.

MESSAGES as Tickets

Facebook Message:

HappyFox Ticket:

Note: It may take a few minutes(1-15 minutes) for each Post or Message to be imported from Facebook to Happyfox, as the polling happens once in every 15 minutes.

To unlink your Facebook page from the Happyfox account, use the "Unlink" option under Manage >> Integrations >> Facebook Integrations.

Unlinking the Facebook account, will deactivate the integration with all the Facebook Pages, until the account is linked again.