Enable integration with FreshBooks

HappyFox integration with FreshBooks helps you keep track of the time you’ve spent on support combined with the ability to create invoices from your tracked-time.

You would also be able to view your FreshBooks contact details in your HappyFox instance. You can add time spent to your FreshBooks account from the ticket detail page in HappyFox. The time spent added in the help desk will reflect for the corresponding client under the chosen project and task.

NOTE: This Integration will work only for FreshBooks Classic version. 


The email ID of the contact should be the same in both systems. 

To enable FreshBooks integration do the following:

1. On creation of a FreshBooks account you are provided a Freshbooks account URL, like http://hf-accounts.freshbooks.com and a API authentication token.

2. Enter API URL and Authentication token in Happyfox freshbooks integration that appears in the My Account >> Freshbooks API page.


3. You can also choose to keep the integration active or inactive.

4. Click on Save Settings to save the form.

5. Once this is done, you see the information of the client that you have provided in your FreshBooks account in the customer info from FreshBooks section on the ticket details page.

6. To add time spent on this particular ticket if your services are billable or for accounting purpose, click on “Add time spent” and provide the required details in the pop-up box. 

a) You can select the appropriate project under which these details must be accounted.

b) Select the task applicable.

c) Provide time spent on the task.

d) Click on the "Add time spent" to save the information.

The information accounted on your HappyFox instance against that the particular ticket will get updated automatically on your FreshBooks account as well.

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  • 24-Oct-2016